γράφει ο Adrian Tomine:

My dad was in Japan for the first time, visiting distant relatives and seeing the sights. He was driving through a rural area outside Fukuoka, looking for his great-aunt’s house when the rental car blew a flat.
He pulled over to the side of the unlit road and parked against a low metal railing. He got out of the car and, unable to see in the darkness, kicked at each tire to find which one had burst. Walking around to the passenger side he bumped his shin on the railing and, without thought, lifted his foot and stepped over.
He expected there there to be dirt or pavement on the other side. Instead there was emptiness – a long drop descending into a dry concrete reservoir. Flailing his arms wildly, he tried to shift his weight back to other foot but was unable.
He fell backwards to the darkness, filled with disbelief.

listening to sirens

the samuel jackson five … so many cowboys, so few indians
aphrodite’s child … the four horsemen
bokomolech … crazy water
eels … the other shoe
matt bauer … triangle mountain
iron & wine … woman king
the pink mountaintops … plastic man, you’re the devil
speck mountain … backsliding
acid bath … bones of baby dolls
holopaw … hoover
piano magic … you never loved this city
the black heart procession … a light so dim
matt elliott … bomb the stock exchange
ray lamontagne … empty
tim hardin … don’t make promises
j tillman … crosswinds
current 93 … all the pretty little horses

(  (  (  ~ sirens ~  )  )  )

(αν πεταχτείς και ρωτήσεις γιατί δεν την πόσταρα ψες, να σου καεί το βίντεο)

~ από νάθινμαν στο 28 Οκτωβρίου, 2009.


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