the stars and the moon aren’t where they’re supposed to be

Night thickened, flew alongside, caught at the riders’ cloaks and, tearing them from their shoulders, exposed the deceptions. And when Margarita, blown upon by the cool wind, opened her eyes, she saw how the appearance of them all was changing as they flew to their goal. And when, from beyond the edge of the forest, the crimson and full moon began rising to meet them, all deceptions vanished, fell into the swamp, the unstable magic garments drowned in the mists.
Hardly recognizable as Koroviev-Fagott, the self-appointed interpreter to the mysterious consultant who needed no interpreting, was he who now flew just beside Woland, to the right of the master’s friend. In place of him who had left Sparrow Hills in a ragged circus costume under the name of Koroviev-Fagott, there now rode, softly clinking the golden chains of the bridle, a dark-violet knight with a most gloomy and never-smiling face. He rested his chin on his chest, he did not look at the moon, he was not interested in the earth, he was thinking something of his own, flying beside Woland.
«Why has he changed so?’ Margarita quietly asked Woland to the whistling of the wind.
This knight once made an unfortunate joke,’ replied Woland, turning his face with its quietly burning eye to Margarita. ‘The pun he thought up, in a discussion about light and darkness, was not altogether good. And after that the knight had to go on joking a bit more and longer than he supposed. But this is one of the nights when accounts are settled. The knight has paid up and closed his account.’


make my face the starry sky

01 speck mountain – fidelity shake
02 joker’s daughter – lucid
03 bonnie prince billy – face him
04 lhasa – where do you go
05 school of seven bells – iamundernodisguise
06 bruce peninsula – weave myself a dress
07 hildur gudnadóttir – ascent
08 matt bauer – sea lion woman
09 terry callier – wings
10 dan michaelson and the coastguards – crackling on the floor
11 bill callahan – eid ma clack shaw
12 six organs of admittance – spirits abandoned
13 helios – cross the ocean
14 tanakh – winter song

see the stars

~ από KsDms στο 22 Απριλίου, 2009.


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